Digital Prescriptions and other digital tools including virtual fax for physicians in Canada


About eRx MD

eRx MD allows physicians to create and securely transmit electronic prescriptions.

The current generation uses virtual faxing of prescriptions but future iterations will allow completely electronic prescriptions.  

PHIPA / PIPA / PIPEDA compliant

  • Create Prescription

    Ability to select a patient and create a prescription and send to any pharmacy

  • Preferred Pharmacy

    Lighting-fast search for patient’s preferred pharmacy.  Provincial pharmacy names, addresses, and contact details are pre-loaded in the app

  • Patient Creation

    Easily add patients by uploading a list, one at a time, or through provincial validation services

  • Search for Drugs

    Lightening fast, all basic and provincial formulary drugs (and notes) drugs are pre-loaded into the app

  • Multiple Drug Items

    Add up to 10 drugs per prescription

  • Prescriptions Sent by Virtual Fax

    Prescriptions sent via virtual fax (Later releases will have electronic transfer direct to pharmacy)

  • PDF Saved

    A PDF is downloaded for your EMR records and also saved within the App with the patient's records

  • Pharmacy Questions

    If a pharmacist has a clarification question, they will use the reference number on the fax to send you a secure message.  New messages are noted in your “inbox”.  You can reply to the pharmacists via app. You will receive an email notification that the pharmacy has sent you a message

  • Pricing


    $9.99 / month

    $99 / year (save 17%)

  • Virtual Fax

    Upload any file and send to any fax number


How eRx MD Works

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