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Smoking Cessation 101 - OHIP

Often we receive questions regarding how to bill OHIP for smoking cessation codes E079 and K039. The purpose of this posting to to explain how to claim and properly bill OHIP smoking cessation codes for your patients.

Step 1 - Initial Visit

When you have your initial smoking cessation discussion with your patient, bill E079 ($15.40) in addition to your visit code. E079 is an add-on code to one of the following visit codes:

A001, A003, A004, A006, A007, A008, A903, A905, K005, K007, K013, K017, K130, K131, K132, P003, P004, P005, P008

E079 is a maximum of one per year and you must be the most responsible physician.

Ensure that you document your initial discussion in your EMR or Smoking Cessation Flow Sheet PDF document. If you require a copy of the Smoking Cessation PDF, please e-mail us at: info@mdmax.ca with a short note requesting the PDF.

Step 2: Smoking Cessation Follow-up Visits

Within 365 days of billing OHIP for E079, you can bill K039 ($33.45) as a stand-alone code during subsequent smoking cessation visits and discussions at your clinic. There is a maximum of two K039 per year.

Ensure that you document your subsequent smoking cessation discussions in your EMR or Smoking Cessation Flow Sheet PDF document.

If the patient is still smoking after 365 days, start the process over again as outlined above with E079 + K039

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