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How to bill for K083

Updated: May 25, 2021

K083 is one of the new telephone / video conferencing OHIP billing codes release by the ministry of health (MOH) mid-march. Note, the MOH has not yet incorporated K083 on their backend. We've heard (via OMA) that it may not be for another month or two. MDMax's billing software can easily calculate your assessment codes and convert them to K083 for you. Our system will hold off on submitting to the MOH until they have updated their infrastructure. Here are the manual steps on how to calculate OHIP billing code K083.


1. K083 by taking your normal consult / assessment billing code and round up to the nearest $5 increment.

2. Divide Step 1 by 5 in order to obtain your K083 units.

3. Multiply your K083 units by $5 per unit in order to obtain your total revenue receivable.

Example:  A064 - Partial Assessment with a normal payout of: $24.05. 

1. $24.05 rounded up to $25.00

2. $25.00 / 5 = 5 K083 units

3. 5 K083 units * $5 per unit = $25.00 MOH payout.

Note: Most software systems will not be able to use this billing code until sometime April 2020 as the MOH needs to update their system in order to accept the code and its unique arithmetic.

Are you looking for a k083 calculator? Click here for one.

If you have any questions, please e-mail us: info@mdmax.ca

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