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Flu Shot OHIP Billing Code

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

The OHIP billing code for administering a flu / influenza shot is: G590 - Influenza agent. As of October 2020, the payable amount for this procedure is: $4.95.

Tracking code for preventative care influenza vaccination is: Q130A. Q130A is applicable to Family Health Organizations (FHO) Physicians in Ontario.

You can combined G590 with any visit billing code. If the sole reason for the visit is to provide the flu / influenza shot to the patient, add the G700 premium code, which will earn you an extra $5.60.

If you are a pharmacy / pharmacists administering influenza vaccine injections, you will receive $5.00 for each dose for an OHIP covered patient. If the patient is not OHIP covered, then you will receive $7.50 per administered dose. Ensure that you meet the Ontario Ministry of Health's eligibility criteria, which can be reviewed here.

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