How MDMax Works

We at MDMax are keenly aware of the large amount of time that physicians invest in administrative duties, which takes away from direct patient care and adversely affects lifestyle.

In a study published by the Annals of Internal Medicine (Ann Intern Med. 2016;165(11):753-760), it was concluded that almost half of physicians' time is spent completing electronic health records and other desk duties. Additionally, one to two hours of personal time is spent completing additional computer and clerical work each evening.

Our goal is to find software solutions that will reduce your administrative burden of entering OHIP billing claims.  Depending on your practice or organization, we can have several different strategies.  

One of our most-effective strategies in saving you time is our custom-developed feature called "SuperSnap".  If you're dealing with a lot of paper patient records, SuperSnap is the only software in the market that saves you countless hours of entering patient healthcard numbers and version codes.  With a 99% accuracy rate, SuperSnap will search for patient names, healthcard numbers, and version codes so that you never need to manually enter them.  Once SuperSnap finds patient records, it will validate the patient with the ministry of health (MOH), letting you know if the patient's health card is valid or not. 


Upload your paper charts or patient schedules; up to 200 pages can be processed at once.  SuperSnap uses AI (artificial intelligence) to accomplish a high accuracy rate and speed when searching for patient billing claim records.  

Moreover, our OHIP billing software is designed for an intuitive, easy to use, and quick billing submission experience.  Think of our billing app as the Gmail of OHIP billing apps.  If you are interesting in learning more, please book a demo with our team.