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Coming Soon

Quantum EMR is a low-cost, easy to use EMR that replaces your binder of paper charts in your office.  The EMR will offer the following basic functions:  

  • Chart patient encounters / medications (Phase 1)

  • Send digital Rx via e-submit or fax, track renewals (Phase 1)

  • Upload patient related files and OCR for easy search (PDF, Fax, Images etc) (Phase 1)

  • Schedule patient appointments with e-mail / SMS reminders (Phase 2)

  • Receive faxes to private number (Phase 2)

  • Download lab results (Life Labs) (Phase 2 / 3)

  • Transcribe patient encounter videos or discussions (OTN) (Phase 3)

  • Auto-bill (Phase 3)

  • Direct to patient video visit (Telemedicine) (Phase 3)

  • Measure patient vitals via telemedicine (AI powered – Phase 3)

  • Consolidated view for multiple locations

  • All data securely stored in Canada 

If you are interested in joining our EMR beta program, please send us an e-mail: info@mdmax.ca