Digital Covid Screening 

Collect electronically signed Covid documentation for your organization

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Create a paperless and efficient way to collect COVID screening documents for your clinic, school, or organization

Get instant alerts when a patient, student, or member of your organization fails a Covid screening report

Access from any smartphone, tablet, or computer

Your clinic, school or corporate members can use their smartphone to answer pre-populated COVID screening questions.  Covid screening questions can also be answered from an iPad or desktop computer.  COVID screening submissions are electronically signed by your member.

An easy to use dashboard provides your with all received COVID screening reports and reconciles them against your roster to see if any are missing.  Instant alerts are pushed to you when a member has answered positive to an at risk screening question

Keep Your Organization Safe and Operating Efficiently

No need to collect or handle paper documents from potentially at risk members.  All details are collected and analyzed electronically.  Save entry and screening time for your organization by using COVID Submit as your due diligence tool.  

Price:  As low as $5 per month, per site