About Us

The concept of MDMax was generated from an idea of an Ontario-based Chartered Accountant who, after witnessing firsthand the weaknesses and inefficiencies of current OHIP billing practices, knew that Ontario MDs deserved a better option to capitalize on billings. Teaming up with physician family member and co-founder, MDMax was born.   

Our app's easy-to-use layout was designed and tested with the input of several other practicing physicians in Ontario, who work in various specialties.  We have heard and responded to concerns expressed by Ontario MDs, like you, over existing billing options and manual processes that take significant time to complete.


We currently staff a team of several developers who work on our various products and custom client-specific projects.  We also have an expanding network of billing agents available to assist you.  If you are a billing agent and would like to join our referral network, please contact us.  

Please reach out to us if you have any questions.